Rainbows are aged from five to seven years

Their programme is the Rainbow Jigsaw. A balanced programme of fun and learning is achieved by fitting together four key areas. Rainbows are invited to Look, Learn, Laugh and Love.

Rainbows Look helps girls to realise that they are part of a wider world.

Rainbows Learn takes in many activities both in the unit and outside.

Rainbows Laugh a lot! Guiding is great fun at any age. Parties, games and songs are just a few of the things that Rainbows get up to in this area.

Rainbows Love encourages girls to be kind and caring towards others whether at home, school or the Rainbow meeting.

Rainbow wear is available in the Girlguiding Dundee Shop. It is bright and attractive, just like the programme resources for girls of this age.

The Rainbow Promise
I promise that I will do my best,
To think about my beliefs,
And to be kind and helpful.

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