Guiding is so much more than a spare time activity.  It is a fun way to relax, sharing the exploits of our young members whether it is a Rainbow story – telling session, a Brownie talent show, a Guide skiing trip or an overnight hike with a group of Young Leaders.


There are opportunities for adults to help in lots of ways.  We need leaders in every section.


If you can’t commit to a weekly meeting you might like to lend a hand with a specialised area such as PR, the Arts or Walking, as one of our Advisers.  We also need people whose strength lies in administration or fundraising.  We are sure to find a role for you!


Apart from the satisfaction gained in watching girls meet their potential and growing into valued members of our community there is a lot of enjoyment to be had  in meeting and socialising with like – minded adults.


We welcome everyone from students to grannies – we are waiting for you to contact us – you won’t regret taking a step towards making a real difference in your community.

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