A Young Leader is a young woman aged between 14 and 18 years who wants to work with
Rainbows, Brownies or Guides in a Unit.


Helping in this way allows a Young Leader to give back some of the enthusiasm which she has for Guiding to younger girls.


Interacting with other Young Leaders either in the unit or in the District opens up the possibility of other exciting activities. Young Leaders can also be selected to join Scottish parties travelling to international events such as camps or seminars.


Guiding looks excellent on a CV and the skills taught within the Movement are widely recognised by employers and academic institutions. Girls who move to go to university or to take up a first full-time job find that being a Young Leader provides a good entry into their new community.


There are two leadership schemes open to Young Leaders.

 • Making It Count is designed for the 14 - 16 age group. This is a programme

   of activities to help develop leadership skills in a fun way.


 • The Adult Leadership Scheme can be undertaken by Young Leaders aged

   16 and over.


Polaris is the Scottish Senior Section Forum, led by Senior Section members. There is a day event in spring, and a weekend residential event in autumn.

Anyone involved in guiding aged 16-25 is welcome to attend.

 The events are held at various locations throughout Scotland and there are a variety of activities, in addition to consultation sessions discussing issues affecting Girlguiding Scotland.

It’s a great opportunity to meet other Senior Section members and have your views and opinions heard at a national level.

 For more information e-mail polaris_scotland@yahoo.co.uk or visit www.girlguidingscotland.org.uk/Polaris


4 is a peer-education initiative, run by senior section members for everyone’s benefit.

4 aims to empower people to address concerns and raise awareness of issues affecting themselves and the wider community, through informal education.

Senior section members (aged 14-25) can become in4mers by attending a Basic Training.

In4mers can then deliver trainings at units (Brownie, Guide, and Senior Section), Scout groups or other youth groups.

There is a range of training topics to choose from including; Eating disorders, Binge drinking, Bullying, Disability awareness, Poverty and world development, Media, Sexual health and Stress management.

2011 saw the launch of ‘skills training’, enabling in4mers to train groups in; communication, presentation, decision making, and flexibility and planning.

Following delivery of 3 trainings, In4mers can attend Advanced Training.

More information is available on the Senior Section CD or by e-mailing 4cast@girlguiding.org.uk

 For more Senior Section opportunities, visit the Girlguiding UK website; www.girlguiding.org.uk/seniorsection/

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