Glamping has arrived!

Perfect for those:

  • with mobility challenges
  • new to camping
  • with knees too old for camping (!)
  • who fancy a change.

What about booking them as:

  • a change from your usual holidays for all those Brownies who hate spiders
  • a special treat for your hard working Patrol Leaders
  • an encouragement to get more Leaders to come on camp
  • your first camp: some in the wigwams and 1 Patrol in a tent to see how it goes
  • a training event?

Each sleeps 5 people comfortably, 6 with a mat on floor, and have room for kit. 

​Cooking is done outdoors on the altar fires or gas stoves – so it is still an outdoor experience!

Archery sessions can also be booked. ​

Read about the Girlguiding Dundee Wigwam Challenge Badge – you don’t need to visit the wigwams to take part.

Useful information

Wigwams FAQ

How to book: 
Please email us, with your name, details of booking query and a contact telephone number

Important Visitor Information:
Can all be found on our Documents webpage

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