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Monopoly Run Manchester

In March, three members of TG'13 joined with a fellow Trefoil Guild member from Kendal, to take part in Monopoly Run Manchester Adult Takeover, as Team "Marmalade and Mint Cake".

This was a day event in and around Manchester city centre, wide-game style with lots of photo/selfie challenges, partially based on the Monopoly board game, and requiring no running! Also no Google was allowed and trams were the only permitted method of transport allowed (other than your feet).

The event is organised by a Scouting unit in Heywood, and runs annually in October for Scouting and Girlguiding groups. This was their first adult-only event with 99 teams of volunteers and Trefoil Guild members taking part.

Alison, Sue, Ramanee and her sister, Shanthi, tried to familiar themselves with a new city, pouring over maps on way down and mapping out the locations from the Monopoly board game.

"When the instructions were handed out on the day, we spent a further 20 minutes planning a strategy and route - and then spent over 5 hours racing around, looking for large buildings, tiny pictures and everything in-between.

We found some of the bees from the Manchester bee trail, and the Blue Peter garden at Media City. And we took our prize-winning duck for a swim.

We're definitely planning to go back next year, and recommend the young event as a potential weekend away for Rangers."

They also received a commemorative badge from the event, and Sue made special team badges for them too!


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