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Contact Us to find out more about our Challenge badges, or to buy the Dundee county badge.

Woven county badge

County badge

Showcasing the Dundee waterfront, with V&A Dundee and RRS Discovery.

Metal badges are £2 and cloth are £1.

Order the badges from our Shop

Daunder Dundee badges

Daunder Dundee

A challenge based in and around Dundee city centre. Badges are £1 .

Challenge pack, answers and ordering information

Image of the Wigwam Challenge badge

Wigwam Challenge

Linked to the Newbigging Wigwams - challenge pack coming soon

badges zoomed

Jennie's Craft badge

A fantastic craft badge with lots of lovely ideas. Badges are £1.

Challenge pack and ordering information.

Image of the Medicine Maker Challenge badge

Medicine Maker Challenge

A great fun challenge, developed with the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research at the University of Dundee.

Download the challenge pack (13MB)
Order the badges from our Shop

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