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First Aid training

72nd Dundee Rainbows and 30th Dundee Brownies have been gaining their First Aid Skills Builder badges with Trainee Doctor Niamh and Dr Bear.

Niamh is studying at the University of Dundee, and is working on a project to teach children the basics of First Aid.

She said "I’m Niamh, a third-year medical student at Dundee University. For the past couple of years, I’ve been working on designing a website and learning programme for teaching Primary School Aged Children First Aid.

Previously I’ve worked with children in schools, but this year I was offered the opportunity to work with Girlguiding units. So far, I have worked with both the Brownies and the Rainbows, and both have been wonderful.

I think it is often underestimated just how quickly and deeply these children can understand how to care for others. They’ve quickly learned the essentials of handwashing, wound care and the necessities of a first aid kit and I believe that with further interactions could learn more first aid skills.

It has been an amazing experience that has taught me a lot and I am very thankful for the opportunity."

The leaders said "Niamh was amazing with the girls and panda was certainly a hit too."


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