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Full Brownie badge book

Brownie Alexa received her Charities interest badge after the summer holidays, and now has obtained all 18 Brownie interest badges!

Alexa, from the 30th B Dundee Brownies, worked on many of her interest badges during the two lockdowns when there were no Brownie meetings being held. She received her Brownie Gold Award in June and moves on to Guides in September.

She said “Once I had only 6 badges left to achieve I decided to try and get all the interest badges. I found the Charities badge the hardest as I’m shy and it was difficult to speak to people. The easiest badge was Mindfulness as I like to be relaxed normally and the tasks were easy for me. I learnt a lot from the Grow Your Own badge as I had to research and learn how to care for the plants.”

Alexa was supported with them throughout the lockdowns by Michelle, one of her Assistant in the unit, as well as by her family.


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