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Brownie Challenge Cup

This year's Centenary Challenge Cup was awarded after a competitive fun day for Brownies held in May 2023 at Muirhead's Millenium Hall and grounds.

Brownies from around Girlguiding Dundee gathered with their leaders, and a team of helpers, to take part in a range of fun challenges, including water activities, human hungry hippos, an obstacle course and hook-a-duck to mention just a few!

Picnics were eaten and the afternoon ended with some action songs.

The winners this time were 1st Muirhead Brownies, aided by two Young Leaders who were Brownies in the unit when they won last time round!

One of the Brownies said "I had such a great day today, and now I know how good it feels to win as a team". Her mum added "Don't underestimate how much your efforts and volunteer time means to these kids. Thank you."

Winning team of Brownies


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