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Silent Disco Fun in Dundee West

Dundee West district had a blast dancing away to their favourite tunes at the silent disco!

A group of girls wearing headphones and dancing, there is disco lights on in the background.

Comments from the Brownies included:

"Excellent!" - Amy

"I had a great time" - Darcie

"It was really fun!" - Freya

"I enjoyed dancing with my friends" - Sophie

Volunteer Maggie said "I had a great time"

One of the Guide's Mum said "She had the best time!"

And of course, everyone ended the day with a new badge!

The badge from the event, it has a blue background and a red border, with a disco ball in the centre and two women dancing wearing red dresses, written on the badge in white is "Silent disco Girlguiding Dundee West district".

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who came along to help!


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