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Sleeping in history

Twelve girls from 31st A Dundee Guides stepped back in time when they spent a night sleeping below ground in Dundee’s best kept secret recently.

Visiting the ROC (Royal Observers Corp) 28 Group and Caledonian Sector HQ bunker, they learnt about the history of the Cold War and the unique role this venue played, and they were amazed to find out that this was on their doorstep. 

On arrival they had a tour of the HQ which dates from the late 80’s before sleeping 10 metres underground in the dormitory attached to the operations room.

Following an eerie night (a bunker makes a lot of noises all night), the girls had breakfast and learnt about binary code and the phonetic alphabet completing sections of their “Express myself” skills builders before heading home.

Many thanks to the volunteers at 28 Group Observed (SCIO), who are restoring this venue and made this unique opportunity possible.




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