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Togs Visit to Brownies and Guides

On 13 March the 65thB St Aidan's Brownies and 65th St Aidan's Guides had a visit from the charity Togs.

Togs Logo

Togs are a children's and young people's clothing and equipment bank covering Dundee & surrounding areas. Set up in 2015 and has evolved significantly in response to growing demand, mainly due to increasing poverty and deprivation in Dundee & surrounding areas.

A picture of the Brownies and Guides with all of their donations

The Brownies and Guides were extremely generous and brought an amazing amount of donations for the charity.

Many thanks to the members of Togs who came along to do this!

A picture of the Brownies and Guides listening to the talk. You can see their donations in the picture too.

2 female adults giving a talk.


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