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Getting crafty

Three members of TG’13 were out and about with 30 others at the Scottish Trefoil Guild Craft weekend recently. The event was held at Carronvale in Larbert, a lovely mansion house owed by the Boys’ Brigade.

Una Milne writes "We tried their hands at very relaxing silk painting; tricky weaving and crochet; very sticky, but delicious chocolate making; various types of printing including messy jelly plate printing and very satisfying plant bashing with a rolling pin!

We also had an informative talk from Andrew Crummy, designer of the Great Tapestry of Scotland and many other tapestries, including the Dundee Tapestry. He kept us all spellbound for nearly an hour, describing his own personal journey and the many steps which led to the creation of such masterpieces.

We managed to fit in some outdoor time in the pleasant surroundings of the house.

At the end of the weekend Alison French shared the story of Jennie’s craft badge with the group, as everyone who took part found a badge in their place at lunch."


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